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To order floral products click on any PLACE ORDER button, list specific colors and details.

Questions? email or call (734) 225-4187 .

Please note all floral items are CUSTOM made and may not be exact to picture.

We try to create items as close as possible to picture, however some items are not available at all times, so we may need to substitute .

We will email pictures of YOUR custom product so that you can preview before shipping.




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Standard size altar florals

 Standard size long and low centerpiece


Larger version altar florals

Larger version altar floral

Larger version Long & Low




   Traditional Centerpiece Set                    


These silk arrangements can be used in many ways

The long and low centerpiece can be used at your church or chapel

on the altar with the tall arrangements placed on each side of the altar .

Following the ceremony these pieces can be used at your reception  .

The long and low centerpiece can be used as your headtable centerpiece ,

the tall florals can be used to flank the entrance at the reception or can

be placed on the gift table, cake table or any area of your reception that needs decoration !

For an extra charge we can incorporate a hurricane glass and candle

in the long and low centerpiece or we can create a place in the center of the floral for your unity candle ..

This set can be created in ANY color scheme..

Order as a set or order per piece.


Standard Dimensions

Long & Low Centerpiece 20 inches long 12 inches high

2 Altar arrangements 2 ft tall , 18 inches wide

$175.00 for set.

Long & Low Centerpiece $65.

Altar arrangements $55.00 each


Larger Versions

Long & Low Centerpiece 28 inches long 15 inches high

2 Altar arrangements 2 1/2 ft tall , 2 ft wide

$235.00 for set.

Long & Low Centerpiece $85.

Altar arrangements $75. each


You may custom order sets to fit your size choice

contact us for pricing .

Large set with glass hurricane cover



Custom made garland shown in six foot size can be made with your bridal colors to match your flowers.

Garlands include pearls

ribbons, & tulle.

Six foot starts at $25.00

(slightly more for calla lilies)


Custom made in all colors


Silk Candelabra / Pew Swag

Large floral swag that can be used in many places for church or reception .

originally designed for church candelabra decoration.

Custom made in all colors and flower options

Calla lilies and tropicals are slightly higher.


$95.00 each as shown                                                               $85.00

aprox 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide , aprox 2 ft long.                shown aprox 2 ft wide by 3 ft long




Shown $19.95

Pew Bows

      Traditionally used for decor on your church pews, can be used

for decoration anywhere .

Can be made very simple or elaborate.

$7.50 each for bow only

$9.50 for bow and greenery

$12.50 for bow, greens & pearls.

$15.50 and up for Bow, greens, pearls and flowers


Shown at $15.50                                             Shown at $15.50


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